Wet Fish Trading is a family owned and run business based in Dubai since 2004. Mark and Jacky Allan had operated a successful London fish wholesale operation for seventeen years before emigrating to the UAE twelve years ago with their three children. Using their experience of trading with superb quality fish in top hotels and Michelin Star restaurants, they quickly established themselves as leading players in the industry here winning after just two years of trading, the inaugural Lloyds TSB Small Business of the Year in 2006.



Since then, Wet Fish has focused on sourcing top quality fish and seafood initially from the UK,  but these days from all parts of the globe including Japan, Turkey and the Maldives to name but a few. We airfreight the best possible fresh product available such as Fresh Salmon from Norway, Line Caught Haddock from the Faroe Islands and Dover Sole from Cornwall.

We receive daily shipments of product in the airport from over fifteen countries nearly twenty times a week!


We boast a fully equipped processing factory where we do all our filleting and portion control work.

Our expert staff hand cut the fish in temperature controlled conditions while deliveries arrive in chilled vans, all Municipality approved and HACCP certified.

Our standards excel, our product is carefully sourced and our supply chain certified to the very highest of levels.